Brand Management has busted marketing myths

Blinded by innovation, illusions about customer loyalty, or the belief that the upcoming Gen Z is not important to our brand. During the 23rd edition of the sold-out Brand Management conference, speakers and panelists helped to break down many of the myths that still exist around brand building in companies. A total of 523 listeners, who gathered on Tuesday 3 October 2023 at the Cubex Centre in Prague, took away a great deal of evidence of what really works in marketing.

Real communication? Ditch the guesswork and admit when you're wrong!

Do we really know, what authenticity means? And do brands want to be authentic at all? Not only is authenticity in marketing and PR communication necessary these days, but also it has the potential to bring positive effects on business, experts declared at the Communication Summit 2023.

The Communication Summit will focus on the topic of truth

Experts in marketing and PR communication from companies and institutions will meet on May 24, 2023 at the Communication Summit in the DOX+ premises in Prague. Authenticity and responsibility dominate the sixth year themes. Blue Events, as the organizer of the summit, teamed up with the program guarantor Nelež association, which aims to limit advertising investments in misinformation.

Czech marketing showed in the best light at the Brand Management conference

Over 500 people gathered on Wednesday, October 19 at the Cubex Centre Prague for Brand Management 2022, the largest Czech conference on brands. Organized by Blue Events, the aim was to raise the level of the Czech marketing and how could it be better sold in abroad.