Brand Management 2023

Program October 3, 2023

08:00 - 09:00

Registration, networking

09:00 - 11:00

Part A

Moderation: Jan Patera & Kateřina Paterová, Blue Events

Welcome speach

Jan Binar, CEO, McCann

We can do Better…at measuring Brand Health

Jenni Romaniuk, International Director, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

While our marketing tactics might change in this every changing digital world, some fundamental needs remain. One of these is the need to understand how our brand presents itself in the minds of category buyers. However it is now time that our brand health measurement catches up with marketing and brain science. Jenni will explain the practical steps you can take to make sure your brand health tracker draws from the latest knowledge. This will help your brands be better prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow, no matter what new technologies emerge.

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Measuring Effectiveness in the Digital Age

Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness, adam&eveDDB

In the brave new world of digital marketing, effectiveness is supposed to be directly measurable, in real time. But it is becoming increasingly clear that much digital measurement is deeply flawed, and that this is costing firms money. In this talk, Les explains why smart digital marketers are changing their approach to measurement, and how to get a more balance view of marketing effectiveness in the digital age.

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Panel discussion Jenni Romaniuk & Les Binet

Moderation Peter Mižík, Industry Manager – Branding, Google

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11:30 - 13:30

Part B

Moderation: Jan Patera & Kateřina Paterová, Blue Events

Can you communicate with customers under 30? Most brands do not

Eduard Krečmar, Strategist, Publicis Groupe

The way young people spend their leisure time has changed dramatically over the past decade. New online platforms have further fragmented the already scattered media space and deepened consumers' indifference to traditional advertising. But brands haven't reflected these circumstances in their media planning. In this presentation, we will show typical problems of today's campaigns, facts about the young generation and ways to get their attention.

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Our subconscious as a Brand Manager

Kristina Hanušová, Quantitative Research Director, Confess

We make most of our daily decisions intuitively. The image of a brand in customers’ subconscious has a direct impact on its business results. Do you want to know what a character of a company’s owner causes in advertising? Or discover a benefit that competitors don't know about? In several case studies we'll show you how to use subconscious measurement methods to predict how ad content can change brand perception.

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Problem building or the power of negativity in a campaign

Ivan Duškov, Deputy Director od Client Services, VZP ČR

Brands are often afraid to point out problems, speak negatively, evoke emotions other than joy, and use a tone of voice other than humor. If they do, they are mainly small fringe campaigns. However, VZP found a problem on which it built a very strong campaign and managed to turn it into a solution and transform the power of the problem into a benefit for the brand.

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Find your Blue Bag: The Power of Distinctive Assets in Branding

Myriam Ruffo, Country Commercial Manager, IKEA Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia

Every brand has a 'blue bag' waiting to be discovered. Using IKEA's iconic Frakta bag as a prime example, we'll delve deep into the realm of distinctive assets and their pivotal role in branding. Learn how such assets, beyond mere logos or products, can evoke immediate brand recognition and set you apart in a crowded marketplace. We'll discuss the challenges and strategies of maintaining brand consistency, the importance of simplicity in branding, and the potential pitfalls of not leveraging these.

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Symbols that sell

Martin Dulava, Creative Director and co-owner, Lineart

Peek under the hood of consciousness and find out what symbols are the key to higher sales. You will see specific examples of rebranding or the creation of new brands from, which managed to transform symbols into sales success.

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Employer branding – what data and experiences actually work?

Daniel Bradáč, CEO & Senior Consultant, Generations Branding Agency

Why do employees perceive the pride and quality of their own brand differently? What kind of internal does communication work? Why don't leadership and home office go together well? What is the essence of the problems with middle management? How to make two thousand people accept fundamental changes in the company in two months? You will learn other tips and tricks based on experience with brand building and employer branding in more than forty companies.

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Part C

Moderation: Jan Patera & Kateřina Paterová, Blue Events

The Truth About New Europe

Rodney Collins, Global Head of Human Sciences, McCann Worldgroup

McCann Worldgroup conducted a comprehensive study titled "Truth About New Europe," utilizing data from 16 markets and over 27,000 interviews. This study provides new insights, as well as identifies challenges and opportunities for both the future of Europe and the brands operating within this region. The study presents compelling snapshots of the current state of Europe and the global landscape.

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What research on YouTube has shown us

Petr Houzar, Head of Domestic Market, Google

Research on YouTube is now a traditional complement to many cross-media campaigns. Thousands of studies have given us a clear idea of what works in creative, planning and evaluation of campaigns. We will present you with the most important recommendations for your next online video campaigns.

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Cross-media video campaigns and their measured results

Petr Miláček, Director of Analysis, Prima group

The Prima Group and the Media Club have long been profiled as media houses with a wide reach, with the ability to reach the target group with video both on TV and on other platforms. What do video campaigns that reach viewers, both in linear TV live, watch on hold, through HbbTV, IPTV operators, web players, etc. currently look like? How many viewers will add online to TV, and vice versa? This presentation will be about measuring media reach vs. campaign reach and about eGRPs products, B.A.R. and also a little about adMeter.

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Panel discussion: The End of Marketing Myths in the Czech Republic

Jakub Petřina, Group Head of Brand Strategy, PPF Group
Štefan Sarvaš, Director Growth Legacy, Mars
Veronika Hořáková, Commercial Excellence Director CZ&SK, Plzeňský Prazdroj
Tereza Dušková, Marketing Director, Dr. Max ČR

Chaired by Miroslav Král, CEO, Marketup

Are you building a “lovebrand”? Do you think it's cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one? Are you betting on performances because brand campaigns don't work? Are you trying a new communication concept again after a year? Don't worry, you're not alone. The entire marketing industry is confronted with a lot of myths. This is countered by a "evidence-based" approach that gives marketing a solid foundation and a new relevance in the eyes of company management. What does it take to enforce it in a company? What to change first? And when to expect results? A debate of experienced marketers will summarize the entire conference from the perspective of clients and the development of their business.

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16:30 - 18:00

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