Brand Management 2023

Introducing the Keynote Speakers


Jenni Romaniuk

International Director, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Jenni is a leading expert in brand equity, mental availability, brand health metrics, advertising effectiveness, distinctive assets, word of mouth and the role of loyalty and growth. Through her work at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute she has advised many of the world’s biggest brands. She is the author of Building Distinctive Brand Assets and How Brands Grow Part 2 - revised.

Jenni is an engaging and entertaining keynote speaker that make audiences re-think what they know about marketing. 

Her latest book Better Brand Health: Measures and Metrics in a How Brands Grow World, is for anyone who wants to get better at brand measurement and improve their brand health tracking.

Building Distinctive Brand Assets is a book for anyone with a brand, to help future-proof any brand's identity and learn which strategies work, and which don't.

How Brands Grow Part 2 – revised, co-authored with Professor Byron Sharp, will change the way you think about marketing forever. This revised edition includes updates to all chapters, new research on Physical Availability and Luxury Brands, and the addition of a new chapter “Getting down to Business-to-Business Markets”.

More about Jenni Romaniuk here.


Les Binet

Group Head of Effectiveness, adam&eveDDB

Les is a world-renowned expert in marketing effectiveness and evaluation, and has probably won more awards in this field than anyone else. In 2014, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising awarded him The President’s Medal, the highest honour it can bestow, in recognition of these achievements.

Les has written extensively on how advertising works, how to make it work better, and how to evaluate it. As well as his many journal articles and case studies, he has published six books, several of which are now regarded as required reading for marketers.

In particular, his work with Peter Field has attracted international attention. As the CMO of Unilever put it, “Les and Peter have made a huge contribution to our understanding of how marketing driver growth and profit for brands. Marketers everywhere should pay close attention.”

In recent years, Les has focussed on how the digital revolution is changing the rules. He has worked extensively with digital brands such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon, both as a researcher and as a thought leader.

In particular, Les’s work on “share of search” as a marketing metric is currently causing a stir in the world of market research.